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Have I been pwned?

‘Pwned‘, in case you’re not aware, is a ‘leetspeak’ slang term derived from the verb ‘own’, as meaning to appropriate or to conquer to gain ownership. The term implies domination or humiliation of a rival, and is used primarily in … Continue reading

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Join the #ForwardOnClimate Rally on 17Feb2013

From the video above, Bill McKibben, commenting on the fact that half of the North polar ice cap is ‘missing’ as a direct result of our fossoil addiction: We have taken one of the Earth’s great physical features — and … Continue reading

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Passwords – how secure is my password?

[update 09Feb2014] Kudos to howsecureismypassword.net — I’ve just revisited their site, to discover that their home page now bears the disclaimer (and useful advice): This site could be stealing your password… it’s not, but it easily could be. Be careful … Continue reading

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Time to wake up

Bill Mahler makes a lot of good (and highly amusing!) points in this clip. But one thing that he (understandably) gets wrong is assuming that ‘BP’ still stands for ‘British Petroleum’; it doesn’t. BP is now ‘just’ ‘BP’ – it’s a … Continue reading

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Jeju. An island of world peace, preparing for war.

I find it incredible how few things that really matter are even mentioned once in the tediously repetitive mass media ‘news’ reporting. Here’s one such item — about Jeju Island — reported on by Naom Chomsky, emeritus professor of linguistics … Continue reading

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Earth Overshoot Day: 27 September 2011 (today)

Today is Earth Overshoot Day. As of now, humanity is in ecological overdraft for the year, according to Global Footprint Network. In approximately nine months, we have already demanded a level of ecological services equivalent to what the planet can … Continue reading

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Are you for mandatory emissions reporting in the UK?

Shamelessly copy-pasted from an email I’ve just received: Last May, inspired by 10:10, David Cameron and Chris Huhne pledged to cut central government carbon emissions by 10% in twelve months. The results were announced today: a 100,000 tonne decrease in … Continue reading

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The priceless hypocrisy of Marcus Brigstocke

BEGIN transcript of the words of Marcus Brigstocke from the above (these aren’t my words — I wish they were!): Apparently, global warming is a liberal conspiracy. Erm, you know, because of all the stuff that we have to gain … Continue reading

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It is vitally important not to make connections

Courtesy of Grist footage by Stephen W Thomson words by Bill McKibben From Eradicating Ecocide by Polly Higgins page 17: “An international conference [about pollution] was held in 1911 and American reformers joined their British counterparts. Information, reports and scientific … Continue reading

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Tree-huggers of the world, unite!

“What if trees had legal standing?” Christopher Stone, an American law lecturer, asked his students in 1971. A year later, his book Should Trees Have Standing was published. Professor Stone suggests that the idea of a thing holding legal rights … Continue reading

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