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Fooled by familiarity

I’ve long had a fascination with illusion. The subject of change blindness excites me; it impacts upon many aspects of existence. A thread on Learning from Dogs the other day reminded me again of this phenomenon. An understanding of how … Continue reading

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The imposition of necessary illusions

The other day, I watched Manufacturing Consent — Noam Chomsky and the Media by Mark Achbar (of ‘The Corporation‘ fame) and Peter Wintonick. Noam Chomsky is an emeritus professor of MIT, a world-renowned linguist, and “arguably the most important intellectual … Continue reading

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Seeing the real world

I seem to have hit a period of recurring themes, coming back to haunt me like a Sierpinski triangle. A boss of mine some years ago (nice chap) was adamant that he had reached a stage in his life in … Continue reading

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Illusion and reality

As well as being a phlyarologist, I’m a wannabe poet. I think that poetry is like any artform: it has subjective value, modified by our perceptions. Since we’re all different, we’ll each come to our own decisions of the extent … Continue reading

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The Master and his Squire

Illusion and reality; The master and his squire. Lunacy and sanity: Two faces on a coin Balanced On a point of view. The windmills At which we tilt While we learn from one another, Have a lesson, if we’d listen: … Continue reading

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