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How to make your own Dvorak keyboard from a QWERTY one

Those of you who have been following my puerile witterings here from the early days of ‘Wibble’ may recall that, back in 2007, I underwent the throes of converting my fingers from <spit> QWERTY to the vastly superior keyboard layout … Continue reading

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It matters not whether you win or lose…

Once upon a time the crackpot libertarians held up the Dvorak keyboard as an illustration of how market forces will inevitably back the best product. Qwerty, so the circular argument goes, must be the best, or it would have been … Continue reading

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Are you using a manual typewriter? QWERTY was designed for you!

How the keyboard layout that most people now use came about — and why it’s an anachronism. Continue reading

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Turning to the Dvorak Side

EXT. BAGODAH – BOG – CLEARING – DUSK The mist has dispersed a bit, but it is still a very gloomy-looking swamp. Lew ignites a little fusion furnace and warms his hands before it. LEW (sighs) Now all I have … Continue reading

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Dvorak: ‘old’ is the new ‘new’

In an average working day, a typist’s hands might travel sixteen miles on a QWERTY keyboard. If that typist were using a Dvorak, however, the same typist’s fingers would only travel a fraction of that distance. Perhaps ‘Dvorak’ means nothing to you. Perhaps you associate the … Continue reading

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