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The Cube Project: a cure for homelessness?

The Cube Project designs and builds low-energy microhomes in partnership with Bolton Buildings. So far, they have developed three models: QB1, QB2 and QB3. From their website: QB3 is a development of an idea that we first explored in a building … Continue reading

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Blogger Appreciation Award

I don’t normally do ‘awards’. But this one is different: Ang4him of My Journey to Imperfection has publicly acknowledged me for trying to help others; it would be churlish to refuse. Thank you, Ang4him. Also, it gives me an excuse … Continue reading

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An ironic situation — and a request

I’ve been trying to figure out how to reach folks — mainly newcomers to Wordpress — who don’t have their Gravatars set up Continue reading

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Support the Dark Snow 2016 Field Campaign

The Dark Snow Project 2016 Field Campaign Needs You! Continue reading

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JourneyQuest 3: Return of the Lactomancer

Yes, it makes no sense. If everything we know and love will come crashing down around us, what’s the point? Nevertheless, it has to be… 3,252 backers $254,717 pledged of $420,000 goal 3 days to go JourneyQuest 3: go back … Continue reading

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Who needs a hug?

‘Earth hug day‘: 12 December 2014. who has supported you all your life without asking for anything in return? fresh air, clear water, food, stability and unconditional love… the earth provides. the earth cares. the earth loves! it’s about time … Continue reading

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What can I do?

Humanity’s demands on our planet’s resources now exceeds nature’s ability to regenerate by a massive 50%. This means that we would need one and a half planet Earths to support humanity’s current ecological footprint. And — largely due to ignorance … Continue reading

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The march of progress: ONWARD!

My silence here of late is largely due to the distressing feeling that not only is humanity heading, in lockstep, in entirely the wrong direction; we’re changing pace from a jog to a trot, chivvied along by blinkered politicos whose … Continue reading

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Power grab on the Pacific Rim

You may want to click on the image below for a better view. I sincerely hope you do, rather than linger here. If you haven’t yet followed the link to add your voice to object to the rug being pulled … Continue reading

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The scientists are wrong

I think that the above is a pretty good indication that now is the perfect time to declare A Large Crisis. In fact, if you’ve got a moment, it’s a twelve-storey crisis with a magnificent entrance hall, carpeting throughout, twenty-four-hour … Continue reading

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