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Tree-huggers of the world, unite!

“What if trees had legal standing?” Christopher Stone, an American law lecturer, asked his students in 1971. A year later, his book Should Trees Have Standing was published. Professor Stone suggests that the idea of a thing holding legal rights … Continue reading

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Bonsai update

Here are some older pics of my horse chestnut tree I post them here in case someone might want to see 2001 October 2007 May August 2008 May

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Twenty years and counting

The old pot broke … so my 20-year old horse chestnut now has a new home 🙂 Seems quite happy, so far.

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Chaque saison a sa charme

As autumn falls The mower retires; The birdie thinks of southward heading Through windy squalls. The season requires That some consider winter bedding.

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Aesculus Hippocastanum

ESS-kew-lus hip-po-kass-TAH-num, ‘Horse Chestnut’: so named As its nuts were ground to become Fodder for horses, it’s claimed.   For my little tree, this year is a first: Near two decades of waiting, at last A few little leaves have finally burst … Continue reading

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Little Apples

‘We plant the seed, Nature grows the seed; Then, we eat the seed.’  – Neil (Nigel Planer, ‘The Young Ones‘). One day in 1994 I ate an apple to the core. I took a pip and planted it And Nature did its thing with it. I … Continue reading

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Cruelty to trees

Is it cruel To persuade a tree To become small? Nineteen years In this same pot Does it shed tears That that’s its lot? If it could talk Would it say to me: “I’m a tree! Set me free?”

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~I Talk to the trees: that’s why they put me away~

Back in 1988 (I think it was) I had a conker. I planted it, and it grew. I put it in a pot. That didn’t kill it. I read about bonsai: So every two years – in February – I … Continue reading

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